We are here to provide you a seamless shopping experience and deliver world class service everytime you shop with us.

Do we accept returns?

Yes and No!

Let’s start with cases where we DO NOT accept returns. No returns are accepted on:

  1. Made-to-order and custom orders
  2. Quality, fit and fabric concerns

To help minimize the occurrence of these cases we encourage you double check the product dimensions and specifications before placing an order. Additionally you can use our live chat service to clarify any questions that you might have prior to placing an order.

Now, let’s get to the cases where returns are accepted.

We accept returns on items that have imperfections and defects. These cases include but are not limited to:

        1. Incorrect size
        2. Incorrect colour
        3. Item arrives in a damaged condition
        4. Incorrect style

What is the returns procedure?

Though we aim to be flawless, we all make mistakes sometimes! If we mess up your order, we are here to make it right for you.

If your order fits our return criteria, here is the procedure you need to follow to help us process your request:

  1. You must send us an email at returns@atyasha.com within 48 hours of delivery of your order
  2. Please include your order number in the subject line of your email to help us quickly identify your order
  3. In the body of your email please specify the reason for your return request:
    1. Incorrect size
    2. Incorrect colour
    3. Damaged item
    4. Incorrect style
  4. Please attach at least 2-3 pictures of your item to help us validate your return request
  5. Once you send us the complete information as mentioned in points 1-4 above we will process your request and will get back within 7 business days of receipt of your email. Sending incomplete information will delay our response time.
  6. If we determine that your request qualifies our return criteria, then we you will have two options:
    1. We can issue a full refund to you or
    2. Provide you free replacement
  7. If we determine that your request does not meet our criteria, then we will not approve your request and you will NOT BE offered any refund or replacement